Scanner&Fax tutorial: quick start

Scanner&Fax turns your iPhone into a pocket scanner and fax machine for your documents.
Its interface is divided in tabs, each of them allowing access to one logical sets of features:

  • Pages
  • Documents
  • Fax
  • Share


The Pages tab is the application starting point, and currently is the only point that can be used to insert data into the application. Pages will be then used to create PDF documents.

This is a screenshot of the pages list:

You can see all of the images you have stored inside the application. To add a new page, you can the camera icon in the upper left (quick shot), or click on Edit, then New page (normal page addition).

If you chose normal page addition, after taking a new photo or selecting one from the camera roll, Scanner&Fax will perform an initial automatic enhancement, and allow you to perform some manual editing if needed:

Editing tools are also available for existing images: just tap on Edit, choose an image, then tap on the image miniature.

You can preview any page in the list:

From this view it is possible to pinch to zoom in and out, and to scroll while zoomed in. It is also possible to copy a full sized image to the clipboard for use within other iPhone applications, thus turning Scanner&Fax into a handy image editing tool. To the upper right you tap on Actions to trigger a menu with available actions for pages. It is possible to send it as an e-mail attachment, copy it to the iPhone camera roll, or send it as fax.


Documents are handled just like pages. You will be shown a document list, you will be able to preview them (multipage document preview is supported) as long as they are not password protected, and send them as faxes or e-mail attachments. During creation / editing, choosing the pages of the document has never been so easy! Just scroll through the available pages, tap to select or deselect one, and drag to order them to your liking:


Scanner&Fax provides a variety of methods to share pages and documents, accessible from the Share tab:

From this page you will be able to :

  • enable an embedded web server so that you can access pages and documents from your favourite web browser over Wi-Fi, no Internet connection needed!
  • send pages and documents as e-mail attachments
  • Public them on any of your Google Docs, WebDAV or iDisk accounts


Scanner&Fax offers the possibility to send a page or a document as faxes. Faxes can be sent with or without cover page. You can also send a cover-only fax. As a faxing provider we support InterFax (, which offers the possibility to send faxes worldwide at a reasonable price. To benefit from Scanner&Fax faxing capabilities, you will need to configure it with an InterFax account.

To send a page or a document as fax, go to it's preview page, tap on Actions, then on Send as fax. Cover-only faxes can be sent from the Fax tab by tapping on Edit, then New fax.

In either case a view will appear prompting you to enter all the necessary data:

Amongst the fields you can configure, you will find:

  • destination data (it is possible to pick a phone number from the iPhone address book)
  • sender info, with name, company, phone, e-mail (again, it is possible to get this data from a record of the address book)
  • subject
  • message text

After entering all data, tapping the 'Preview' button will allow you to have a look at your fax pages before sending them. This step is important because, since faxes are essentially black and white images, the image (or document pages) you are sending as fax will be automatically converted to black and white, but the quality of the result will change greatly depending on the original image:

In order to get the best results when converting to black and white, it is very important to use photos taken with good lighting conditions, without dark or light patches, avoiding wrinkled paper sheets. If the preview is convincing, you have an option to send the fax at once, or save it for later sending (maybe when you don't have to use your cellular data connection). The Fax tab will contain two lists, one with faxes not yet sent, the other with the history of sent faxes. Each list gives the possibility to view the fax pages, to delete an entry, or to send (or resend) it.